Xiang I xiang

Am not quite sure about the spelling but it's pronounced as shangi shang or one who can't make up her mind or vacillating from one decision to another.

this is my third attempt at jumpstarting a blog. i sure hope the third time's a charm.

i don't know why i'm having a hard time starting a blog. i mean it's just writing down random thoughts (at least that's how i see it, you know stream of consciousness and all that). it probably stems from the fact that i've never really held on to any kind of journal-writing habit when i was younger. or maybe i'm just plain lazy... or as my lola used to tell me ningas cogon.

Negative thoughts aside, i think i'm finally getting the hang of things. I don't feel so self-conscious anymore. and hey, in this crazy chaotic world we live in, it's nice to have a space where i can unload some of my frustrations.

whee... that wasn't so bad. this, i believe, is my first real blog entry. :)


Blogger haiku said...

In my case it was procrastination that kept me from starting a blog. And when I finally got to it, I did it largely to amuse myself. Then, I realized after a few posts, the entries were starting to take a serious tone. I guess in time we learn to be more honest and open about our feelings.

Miss ya, Earnest! Hehe, forgive me, I forgot to call you last time. I swear, I should put everything down in an organizer or something! :p This memory of mine gets rustier by the day!

But, like you said, blogs are a good way of keeping oneself in the loop. :) Good think I stumbled upon yours. Take care, Mommy Earnest! See you soon! :D Swee kisses to the moonchild. :)

11:51 PM  

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