Headless in Iraq

So, Angelo dela Cruz appeared on TV saying he'd be freed by his Iraqi captors soon. This came after President Arroyo gave in to the demands of the kidnappers to withdraw the Philippine Humanitarian Group on July 20, a month earlier than the scheduled departure. Of course the "great" leaders of USA all expressed their "dismay" at this turn of events, but who cares about what they think anyway? It's high time the Philippine government start thinking about its own people, especially after a very divisive election.

I'm quite glad she decided to withdraw our troops. what were we doing there anyway? i mean, it's hardly a justified war. until now, they've yet to find a single WMD. The "war on Iraq" is just another shining example of Dubya's hubris.

Back to the subject of Angelo dela Cruz. The whole country including all 7 million Filipinos scattered all over the world, is watching with bated breath as to the Iraqi's next move. My friend and i are struck once again at how many of our countrymen and women show their support for dela cruz. Sure, a couple of militant groups stage rallies protesting the government's involvement in Iraq, why the Philippine government continue to support Dubya's sham war and that the government ensure dela Cruz's safety. but the majority of Filipinos, particularly those from dela Cruz' community opted to pray it out.

I mean, they pray, imploring God to help dela Cruz out. there are masses galore, novenas, prayer vigils and other variations but all in the same passive vein. For a predominantly Catholic country, that's to be expected but i think we should move beyond prayers when it comes to critical times.

Us Filipinos should learn to demand from our leaders, to fight, to stand up against the injustices we experience, to find the root of why our lives are so messed up. For example, in the case of dela Cruz, instead of praying, maybe we all should put pressure on the government to do the right thing and to make sure no Filipino is put in that horrible situation again.

Or forget the so-called leaders, let's be proactive, let's do some real action aside from praying. Do signature campaigns, put up posters, call your representatives. Anything as long as it involves flexing your brains and muscles. We can't leave everything to God. It's such a defeatist attitude.

What's that cliche again? God helps those who help themselves.


Blogger Alex said...

There are at least two other versions to "God helps those who help themselves." They are: "God help those that help themselves" and God help those that don't help themselves. I'm inclined to agree with you in principle but I can't understand why Saddam Hussein didn't simply say to the UN Inspectors before the war to look anywhere you want and here is a list of people in my government that can answer any question you want to ask?? I don't know if you are a student of WW11 but if you are you will know that the path of appeasement didn't solve the problem. If you read any of the unsanitized books on the war you will see it was down and dirty with no holds barred and winner take all.

2:05 AM  
Blogger miranila said...

Thanks Alex for that insight about the realities of war. You do have a point about Saddam refusing to cooperate with the UN inspectors. if he did... ah well no use speculating. But the US was really gung ho about invading Iraq using even the flimsiest excuse to do so. And now, Dubya's administration is left holding on to nothing that would really justify the devastation in Iraq.

I'm not a student of ww2, or any war for that matter and i know what you say is true about war being down and dirty, winner taking it all. It's such a beastly business. I just can't help but observe however that many of the so-called wars waged by the US in the name of humanity are actually thinly-disguised variations of exploitation, colonization and domination. i could be wrong, but that's just how i see it.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

I couldn’t resist commenting on: "I just can't help but observe however that many of the so-called wars waged by the US in the name of humanity are actually thinly-disguised variations of exploitation, colonization and domination. I could be wrong, but that's just how I see it." Most wars have been started on the basis of "exploitation, colonization and domination." Germany in WW11 invaded the other countries because they needed "living space". The Japanese started their war primarily because of the lack of natural resources such as oil and the desire to build an empire. I may be a sucker but Iraq in the Gulf War was intent on taking over the Kuwait and Saudi Arabian oil fields which couldn’t be allowed to happen because of the world economy. Nobody outside the region has ever invaded Sudan or Rwanda or any African nation because of their resources. There may be local internal wars because of political reasons.

8:03 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

yeah, i know wars are based on exploitation and all that. what i failed perhaps to mention is that the US always use other "humanitarian" excuses to justify any war they go into. they never call it "war to exploit the oil fields of iraq and saudi arabia." It's always in the name of saving the people of (insert country here) against the tyranny of (insert dictator/tryant regime here). that's my primary beef against the 'war on iraq.'

2:55 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Doesn't everyone gussy up things no matter what the subject / action to make them more palatable???? One nice thing about life is that no one can read your mind so if you are challenged then you can give any sensible sounding reason to fit the occasion!!!

8:11 PM  

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