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Context. Always context. There are some things that are better understood when seen within its proper context. And there are people who understand exactly where you’re coming from and where you intend to go and who are willing to hold your hand as you navigate your way towards whatever future you’re slowly evolving.

I read an article once before that states that man’s downfall is his adherence to being consistent. Like if he said something in a debate or an argument a few days ago, even though he never really believed it at that time (perhaps he just needed to have a position on the matter at hand), chances are he’d stick by that ‘truth’ a few days later, because he needs to be consistent. Otherwise, he’d be labeled as, oh, I don’t know inconsistent.

Is it really that bad? Being inconsistent? I mean we have so many emotions and feelings that run through us during any given hour. Must we always be consistent? What’s wrong about contradicting one’s self every so often? I think it’s when we try to stick to one truth or one version of the truth that we become inert, dogmatic, static.

Beware of becoming a fair-weathered friend. Something has to be said also about just being a fair-weathered friend – reluctant, hesitant, not wanting to disclose problems or whatever issues your currently confronting. That is a weird friendship. How can you expect a friendship to grow if you’re not able to talk about angers and hurts and frustrations? It can’t always be about the grand life, the masterpieces, the sheen. We need to wallow together in the grime, the dirt, the muck – the other half (or a third if lucky) that make up our lives. Otherwise, we’re just travelers swapping funny stories and tips on the best bars and spots this lonely planet has to offer. That may be good for a night or a weekend; it hardly warrants a lifetime commitment to preserving the ties. Then again, an argument can be made that true, lasting friendships are made out of such chance encounters between kindred souls.

Self-censorship, second-guessing one’s self – crippling personality aspects. Are these picked up from the environment (i.e. cultural) or are they internalized self-defense mechanisms?

Does the internet make you bolder, more courageous about your statements, more open to other perspectives, more tolerant of other people’s beliefs? Or does is it back you into a corner, defending earlier decisions, proclamations; just standing your ground because as they say “you are as good as your word.” Palabra de honor. Stephen Colbert on Bush: “When the president decides something on Monday, he still believes it on Wednesday -- no matter what happened Tuesday."

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Blogger Biby Cletus said...

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3:18 AM  
Anonymous Arlan said...

Splinter: Donatello! This home has become like an empty shell. Each of your brothers has strength and weaknesses, you must learn to be strong when they are weak. If you don't learn this, then all hope is all lost from our family.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ako inconsistent, hahaha...
so obvious lalo pag may blog pero parang oo nga naman we're all human and we go through so many emotions and we have moods and what not...

parang galing nito timing sa mga nangyari din sakin hahaha

11:44 AM  

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