Sad sackery

Am watching this youchub vid ng arcade fire and david bowie called Wake Up. tapos yung caption ng uploader said: If you donĀ“t cry watching this, you are dead inside

Then someone commented: I didn't cry watching this but you know how it is when you get older your bodies get bigger but your hearts get colder.

I just found that as sad-making. I don't want my heart to grow cold.

And then Lia tells me: it wont! grabe naman yung comment na yun. ay nako nag e-emo ka lang kasi birthday mo na eh hahahah

Hahaha birthdays.

This made me think of Seth Rogen's breakdown in Knocked Up: "Fuck you, hormones" although dapat i-substitute yung birthday.

I am sorry if i am confusing you. These are confusing times and the year is just one week old. Wtf talaga.


Blogger indi said...

hey earnest, hug yooooooou!

hope it's not to late to greet you a happy happy new year!!!! miss ya naaaaa. mwah!

1:08 AM  

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