The Great Veronica Mars Re-watch

Television Without Pity.com is doing a Veronica Mars Re-watch starting with the Pilot this Saturday, February 9, 2008.

From the TWOP calendar:

The bitch is back, people.

This week we start rewatching Veronica Mars. So either you've seen her kicking asses and taking names for dozens of times already, or you still know nothing about this girl (shame on you), please come and join us in watching and discussing one of the most brilliant series ever.

Here's the schedule

Feb 9: Pilot
Feb 16: Credit Where Credit's Due
Feb 23: Meet John Smith
Mar 1: The Wrath of Con
Mar 8: You Think You Know Somebody
Mar 15: Return of the Kane
Mar 22: The Girl Next Door
Mar 29: Like a Virgin
Apr 5: Drinking the Kool-Aid
Apr 12: An Echolls Family Christmas
Apr 19: Silence of the Lamb
Apr 26: Clash of the Tritons

Tara na. Ulit :)


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