Lazy Sunday

Ahhh.... Just woke up from a nap. My 3-year old daughter insisted I join her for her daily afternoon nap and of course, I was off to snore-land way before she did.
But this is refreshing especially after a frantic week capped by almost 10 hours spent at the mall last Friday and Saturday all because I wanted to take advantage of the supposedly great deal that Globe, my mobile company is having. Ten hours, because each day my husband and I spent 5 hours waiting in line. Of course,we didn't line up the whole time but spent most of it shopping - impulse shopping that is. Really, the mall just zaps money out of your pocket. Talk about highway robbery. 


This is what 10 hours of waiting at the mall looks like.
(The Nokia 6610i came almost-free with our new subscription).
The consumer in me salutes the consumer in you.

I don't understand why Globe didn't add more salespeople during this promotional blitz.  In a cellphone-crazy country like mine, naturally people will come in droves. Did they get additional people to accommodate the expected increase in customers? I don't think so. Like last Saturday, I got my number a bit before 12 nn and was serviced by 4 pm! What were they thinking? I also missed my slot by about 5 numbers and one sales clerk had the gall to suggest I get another number. Ay, sabi ko: "If you do that, I'll make a scene." Thankfully, they accommodated me. But really, it's insane. I don't know if it's a ploy to look like they have more subscribers than their nearest competitor which was located a few shops away. Hay.
But today... I'm just taking things easy. Waiting for the rain to make up its mind so we can finally decide whether to bring our daughter to UP for a nice stroll along Sunken Garden or just stay at home and watch TV. I'm also looking forward to cooking vongole with clams for dinner. Sunday, the great stress reliever :) 


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