Tragedy I have learned recently doesn't give a rat's ass about timing. One minute you're talking to a dear friend who's as ecstatic as you about a just-concluded-a-few-minutes-ago concert and making plans to meet up with the gang for some after-concert gimmick. Then before the night is over, you're all hanging around outside an emergency room waiting for that dear friend to wake up and smile that wonderful smile of his.

During the first hours of Saturday, as we were quietly celebrating the wonderful and fun event that was Rockestra, our good friend, WIlfrid Hernandez suddenly complained that he has migraine and had difficulty breathing. He asked Buddy who was beside him at that time to bring him to the nearest hospital. Though he was still conscious at this time, he was very weak. Vin, Diego C and Zach had to carry him down 3rd Floor into his car. He was still able to point out where he parked his car but as soon as he was strapped in the front passenger seat, he slipped into unconsciousness from which he never woke up.

From World Citi Medical Center, his family moved him to St. Lukes where it was diagnosed later that he has a blood clot in the brain – possibly caused by aneurysm. By this time only his heart is functioning on its own. his other vital organs needed help. When we visited him last Saturday night it was a different Wilfrid that I saw. He was lying down on a hospital bed with all manners of tubes, drips and other machines hooked to him. He looked so pale and I can’t help but cry at the sight of him.

I’ve only known Wilfrid for just over two years but it feels like we’ve already known him a long time. He’s very supportive, goes to extreme lengths just to be with his friends. For a guy who lives in the southern ends of Las Piñas, we’re always happy to have him around during gigs, occasions and other gimmicks that are held in QC. I remember he even went as far as Altered Native in Lagro to watch a Play for Serve production night.

He’s also very passionate about his music – he’s the brains and heart of Wolfmann – one of the pioneering outfits of Electronica Manila. I was amazed at his dedication in releasing and promoting his second album “Diner.” He and Sheryll, his girlfriend, were indefatigable in promoting that album. Eventually, Wolfmann evolved into a live band and as of last time, he along with his band mates were in the middle of writing songs for the next album.

Yesterday, around 4 pm in the afternoon, dear Wilf passed away. After staying on for a two and half days, enough time for his closest family and friends to say goodbye, he followed the white light.

It’s a sad day. I’ve never felt this kind of sadness before. It just bears down on my soul and I can only function normally in small, short bursts. They say the cause was congenital, that it’s been with him since he was born. It still doesn’t ease the pain of knowing that this good man, one of the most generous people I know, is gone from our midst, prematurely taken away from us.

I can only imagine what it’s like for his family and his girlfriend, Sheryll. We can only offer our heartfelt hugs, a tender squeeze of their hand and soft reassurances that Wilf is, was great friend.

Wilfrid, we miss you. Thanks for being a true friend. Thanks for being such a gracious sport during those times when I tease you. Thank you for your ready smiles and warm welcomes no matter how tired you are or how crazy the situation is.

We love you, Wilfrid and we will sorely, truly miss you.


Blogger - d a c s - said...

So sad to see him go. Dahil kay Wolfmann, lumawak yung pagmamahal ko sa tugtugang lokal. He opened my mind to a whole new kick@ss genre. And for that I am grateful. He will be missed. But truly, he's the lucky one now, out of this sh*thole in which we're all still stuck.

2:56 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

so true dacs,

but i'd rather be sharing this shithole with him.

but as his mom told us last Saturday, let's not forget the happy times we had with him. maybe later, but not yet. He's passing is such a great loss.

4:50 PM  
Blogger starshuffler said...

Nakakapanghinang isipin 'yung mga nangyari. Siguro kung nandun ako di ko kakayanin. :-(

Sayang di man lang ako nakadalaw sa kanya.


4:45 AM  

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