Seasons of Love

omg, omg, omg, omg (i'm hyperventilating, yes)

Just found out that the Rent movie is finally finished and is set to be released this fall (november 11) in the US. (via Libay's blog)

Saw the trailer and it's so nice to see the scenes in 3d settings. it's actually more like a music video for "Seasons of Love." It's fun to do some scene-spotting: like there's Mimi asking Roger to "won't you light my candle." There's Angel in his santa suit and then there's Angel's death. There's also a glimpse of Maureen's phenomenal performance as she asks her audience to "moo with me."

Sing It: Today 4 U - Tomorrow 4 Me

ay, this is so fun. It's akin to what i was feeling the whole three years of 2000-03 when they were showing the LOTR in annual installments.

I was not able to watch Rent in NY in 1997 despite the fact that i really intended to. Kaso the call of Ms Saigon was much louder (hey it's the Cats of my time). I asked Sherman to accompany me but he declined. Maybe i wasn't that persuasive then, e? Had i known then that Ms Saigon will eventually be shown here in Manila, i would've doubled my efforts to see Rent.

That's ok though because i did get to see Atlantis' superb Rent production (although amparo sietereales looked a tad too old to be playing 19-year old Mimi, or maybe that's just me).

We could light the candle, what'd you do with my candle?

It's directed by Chris Columbus and features many of the original Broadway performers plus Taye Diggs so it would be like seeing the original cast pa din. (hehehe syempre natuwa ako na he shares this film with his wife, Idina Menzel).


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