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ok i was supposed to write something here about the hassles of buying online (i placed my first amazon order this week) and so on and so forth. by the 3rd sentence,i said 'forget it.'

well october is finally here. does that mean we can wake up billy joe armstrong and company? (insert lame 'funny' sound effect here)

been listening to the radio going to work lately and i've noticed i don't really wanna listen to the radio that much anymore. I'm not being a snob it's just that most of the time it's all DJ chatter, commercials, inane gags and so on and so forth. there are very few DJs and shows and songs that i really like (one of them is sugarfree's 'kwarto'). I'm really tempted now to get myself a 1gb mp3 player just so i can tune in to radio miranila all the time. my pc at work is filled with lots of lovely music, many of them provided by my generous friend/officemate/gripemate, Indi. let's not mention band names shall we? (but i have to tell you that i lurve Interpol and Postal Service).

anyhow, it's Friday. here's my chance to go out and have fun after a week's worth of back breaking work and commute (1 hour each way is no joke. uh huh, even with the trains). Except that all i wanna do is lie down and be with my silly, lovely moon child and wait for Buddy to come home and tell me what his day/night was. Talk about being lazeeee.

I do miss my friends you know, especially Myrene, Raims and Ene. But ever since i started my full time day job, it just gets harder to meet up with them. And then, their bands are like booked solid during weekends (the lot of them zipping from one gig to another makes me dizzy) so it's hard to catch up during their gigs. by the time they're settled from their last lagare of the night, my poor, early-to-bed, early-to-rise self can barely manage to hold up my end of the conversation and i'm home before 1 am. Imagine that? hahahaha

It's a good thing i get to see my other close friends every so often even if they too are really busy these days. Dindin, who is with Jam, dropped by the house last Thursday morning on her way to UP. El i got to hang out with a few days this week but only because she's working with Buddy on a project. Sherman, i get to hang out during the odd weekend when he'd trek from his Pasay digs and bring himself to QC. (Miss ka na namin dito!!)

Life in the fast lane indeed. it just gets harder to be in touch ano? even with all the technology that surrounds us.


Blogger Candice said...

I can soooo relate! I'm so glad that I saw all of you last Saturday. While I'm happy to have a home to look forward to, I miss so many people too. I have to make a conscious effort to go out now, but no bars muna. ;)

(and I understand about undesirable music in the office all too well... good luck with that! hehe)

5:37 PM  

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