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Fully Booked has released a list that, well, lists down the top 100 books of the last century. It’s foremost a marketing thing I bet but this is one rare time I’m really grateful for such as I am lately stumped as to what books to get at the bookstore. Ok, part of the problem probably is the fact that I have a ton of unread books at home but still…

My statistics with regards to this list:

Books read: 37
Saw only the movie version (tsk, tsk): 12
Read the book and saw the movie version: 13

So, even with this inclusive way of gauging how much I’ve read from this list, I’m still a book away from the halfway mark. Bah.

I’m sorry I can’t give you a list of the books just yet. Come visit this site in a couple of days and I will have posted by then a scanned copy of the list.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget to post the list of books, ha. :)

2:28 PM  

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