Home Alone

There's something wonderfully strange about having the house all by myself even if it's just for one day (even less). Of course, i had a hard time sleeping ; not because i'm spooked but I miss the sound and sighs of my housemates.

How to enjoy this rare situation? Let me count the ways:

Play PS2 games. Ah yes, the old standby. Can't play too much of this when the little kiddie is around (something about credibility and showing a good example. You can't very well forbid her from playing it if she sees you stuck to it like glue). But what i found out last night was quite sobering. I don't have the patience nor the time (nor the eyesight, i realized) to really get lost in one particular game. Since i only have this much free time, i tend to jump from one game to another. But this new game Okami just might make me go back to my old ways. Ang ganda niya sobra. Cyn, Arnold, if you're reading this, you should play this game. brilliant graphics, great gameplay (brush strokes are just one of your weapons). It talks about respect for the gods and nature without being too preachy. Somehow it reminded me of how the issue of environmentalism was tackled by Princess Mononoke.

Sort/organized DVDs. I realize our dvds were piling up again so i sat down this morning to remove them from their individual sleeves and place them inside the organizers i bought from CDR-King. Note to self: buy another one especially for the TV series-es.

Watch DVD
. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan? But since i already alloted some time for PS2, I only got to watch one: Stage Beauty - a BBC production starring Claire Danes and Billy Crudup. It is set in 17th century England when women were forbidden from acting on stage and the women roles were taken by 'pretty boys.' I had a great time watching this. It captured the passion and intrigues, the wit, the adrenaline rush, the diva tantrums - that makes theatre such a wonderful thing to behold.

Cook own meal
. I haven't done this in a long time as yaya Nemia has turned into one mean cook and i totally surrendered the kitchen to her way way back. So today, in keeping with my current love for Indian dish, i tried making my own vegetable bhaji. I buy my Indian spices at Assad (there's one UN Avenue and another one in front of Sta. Lu in Cainta). It turned out well and I ate it with yogurt and mango chutney. Yum.

call people. This is the time when i really miss Indi. She who's phone i kept calling even in the wee hours of the night. My other ka-telebabad is Elnora and since her arrival, Aimee. Of course,there are regular calls to my aunt's house to check up on Veda and to ensure that she doesn't spend all her time stuck in front of the TV as the kids in that house (me included) are wont to do.

Hehehe i just realized i wrote one of those entries that i really don't like.


Blogger waltzang said...

nalaro mo na yung katamari damacy? it's one of my most favoritest games.

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