Awards Night

So, yeah the Cinemalaya Awarding ceremonies was really emotional. Outside, Typhoon Glenda was making a dramatic entrance, inside the CCP main theatre, a different sort of drama was unfolding (not just for us but for everyone involved with Cinemalaya). "Tulad ng Dati" won in two categories (best Sound and Editing [with co-winner Rotonda]) and these were given during the early part. After that it was Batad (screenplay), Donsol (cinematography), Batad (actor), Donsol (actress), Rotonda (score), Rotonda (director) and one more for Batad (Jury prize).

It was nerve-racking by then. with one category left to declare, we were all tense (at least i was). Then Ricky Davao came and announced the nominees - Batad, Donsol, Rotonda and Tulad ng Dati.

Then he read the citation: "In recognition of it's status as an independent among independents; in it's truthful telling of it's tale of contemporary Philippine culture, youth and music..."

Upon reading the winner, Ricky Davao looked up from the podium and smiled at the audience. but oooh, it took him some more agonizing moments before he finally declared: " The best film for the full length feature is.... TULAD NG DATI"

We went crazy afterwards. Twinky Lagdameo who was sitted beside me burst into tears. Twinky is Teddy Diaz' first cousin and they were really close. She met the band when she was 13. Imagine, she's known the band for more than half her life.

The cast all went with Direk Mike to accept the award. During his heartfelt speech (complete with nanginginig na boses), Mike called on The Dawn to step forward. To summarize how the whole crew felt, he called on Jett who belted out the chorus of one of their more iconic songs: "Salamat, kaibigang walang kapantay"

It truly was emotional. I couldn't stop crying. At our own after-awards dinner, Gina kept teasing me: "Iyakin. Iyakin" Hahaha

what a happy night!

I really liked the stage. Kinda reminded me of the Miss Saigon logo. It's also very dawn-ish- what with the sun and the sails

The Dawn performs Tulad ng Dati

nanette inventor
Nanette Inventor performs the theme song of "Saan Nagtatago si Happiness?" which coincidentally won Kidlat Tahimik's Bamboo Camera award. Personal award ni Kidlat yun

the whole gang
In a daze pa rin. Everyone on stage

mike and may
the indefatigable duo: Direk Mike Sandejas in a tight embrace with Executive Producer May Sandejas

Can't resist LOL. That's one heavy (literally) award, ha

The Cinemalaya Awarding Ceremonies will be shown on TV this Friday, July 28 over at ABC 5 at 7 pm.

Tulad ng dati sched at UP Film Center are:

Aug 8 / Tuesday / 5 pm
Aug 10 / Thursday / 9 pm

In the end, i was only able to watch two other Cinemalaya films: Mudraks and Batad Sa Paang Palay

I liked them both. And i was really happy when Batad won all those awards. I'm looking forward to seeing the other films this August.


Blogger soulcraftwriter said...

Congratulations to everyone involved in "Tulad ng Dati"!!!

Have read and heard very good reviews about the film and the others too. So I'm so glad they'll be shown in UP (mas malapit, eh)...

Again, kudos to the Dawn!

4:08 PM  
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Blogger Daisy said...

hi Earnest,

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to the Dawn-- wow galeng talaga--- send our love to Buddy.

sayang we were not able to see it there in CCP sana sa UP makanood kami...

ang ganda mo lola glowing ka holding that award :) saya

day, amats n isay

11:41 AM  
Blogger waltzang said...

aha! may blog ka pala ha. hihihi. ay naku, buti ka nga nakapanood ka ng kahit ilang movies, ako, ni isa wala, on the night that i wanted to go watch, my friend screamed at me "last week pa natapos kaya, haller!" haller talaga.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous arlan said...

uy nes congrats!

12:38 AM  
Blogger miranila said...

Ella, Walter, Daisy, Arlan,

salamat. we're truly happy with the way things turned out for the movie. sana lang malipat na sha into film so it has chances of being shown to a bigger audience.

11:13 PM  

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