Matabungkay in pictures

Had a wonderful time some two weekends ago in Matabungkay. We were invited by June Boy and Gina to spend a weekend at their family getaway, which is called Ginger Hill (named after the area where it's situated Brgy. Luyahan). Twas loaded with lots of fun and of course, once again, Veda took to the waters like bananas to peanut butter (ang labo!). Jett's family also came along. Actually, it was Jett who asked to Gina to plan that weekend since his wife, Beth and their kids, Raffy and Erica weren't able to join us in Bora.

bubble bubble
the trip took almost 3 and half hours but this pool alone more than makes up for the long trip. The pool is built with these stones that trap the sun's heat. The water was marvelously warm when we got in. It was really perfect when the sun set. Ika nga ni JB "it's perfect pang-inuman sa gabi."

pool 1
Our lovely hostess, Gina with Annika. Behind them are JB and Buddy.

Flowers like these and the ones below, along with dozens of plant varieties, surround the lovely hideaway

rafting in style
the following day, we hit the sea via this rafter. Aside from this, it had a small room (perfect for siesta), two deck chairs (for sunbathing) and a hibachi.

at sea
Ze Zabala family at zea

dora dora
matching aqua shoes

Family Ocampo-Leonor

We arrived at Matabungkay at 3 in the afternoon and left the following Sunday at 8 pm. Short but really, really sweet.


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