Read all your favorite books in one seating,literally:

The Bibliochaise has shelves that can house 5 meters worth of books. It's the intellectual's lazy boy although this one doesn't recline. (via Boingboing)


Mus2 cordless optical two-button mouse. "Although unusually shaped, the mouse is designed for comfort and great ergonomics enable it to fit snuggly in your palm as you navigate on screen." I want one! (via coolhunter)

Fancy Pantry

Buddy and I are currently re-imagining our downstairs and we just love this pantry idea. The cupboard doors are made from chalkboards. Brilliant. Hopefully, we can integrate this into our kitchen. (via apartment therapy)


Blogger zarahjutz said...

sana mayaman ako. sana mayaman ako. sana mayaman ako.

sana chanting this will really make me rich no? hehe.

i want those!!

8:36 AM  

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