i'm a stumbler, yeah

two questions before i go:

1. am i the only one who automatically translates the extension .swf as "so wucking fhat?"
2. in the third episode of House season 1 (the one with the solomonic choice between two babies), why did they have to kill off the baby boy of the lesbian couple and not the baby girl of the hetero-couple?

Elsewhere in my inbox. Yesterday's horoscope featured this brilliant line: "smart thinking gets you further than extra effort."

Feed the model
- another great game link courtesy of that nifty SU button.


Blogger silayan said...

hey you! hapi hapi bertdey! nag-text ako sa yo pero mali at ang pinadalhan ko. nakarating ata kay el :) hope it was a blast..hwag mo ko masyadong painggitin :) nabusog ka sana sa pagmamahal!

labs labs aimee

12:27 AM  

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