the 100th entry

Been postponing this particular entry for a while now didn't realize it's almost a month since i last posted. I wanted to make this momentous or something but you know what the heck, life is so busy these days. so many things to do, so many people to be with, so many stories to tell ah basta, these days are wonderful. i hope i don't jinx it by stating it.

Early this month we went to Boracay for a much needed break. Actually, we were given a mini vacation by the school (no work for a week, term breakie wehee). we took the boat from Pier 8 to Caticlan (well it was more like we disembarked in the waters between the islands of Caticlan and Boracay) and took a pump boat to Boracay. We stayed there for 3 and 1/4 days. Saya. we had fun trekking from station 1 to the end of station 3. i think we did that almost everyday hahaha. It's my first time in Boracay and i was shocked by how commercial it is. my friends all warned me about it, but it still came as a shock to me. Totoo nga, it's like greenbelt. There's even an effing mini-ferris wheel in the middle of D'Mall. What a sight!

But you still can't deny that the beach is pretty awesome. All 7 kilometers of White Beach lives up to the name. I like the fact that there's no one particular spot that's more special than the other. i mean, any swim spot is as good as the other. and I can't get over the quality of the sand. as in ang liliit. they're so fine. i keep imagining how Veda will react to it.


A few days after we came home from Boracay, Veda was telling me this story about what happens to clouds when it's raining.

Veda: Mama, you know what happens when it's raining?
Me: No, why?
V: They're crying because they feel pain. and when they cry, that makes them well.
Me: (impressed with the answer) Really?
V: Yes. And the thunders is the clouds calling out to each other, saying "Aray! ang sakit!"

I love how her imagination works :)


Our good friend Candice gave birth to her and Armand's baby boy last November 7. I just found out about it from her blog (some friend i am hehehe). Actually, something has been nagging me the past few days but i was never able to pinpoint it. it's like the thought will brush me for a few secs and when i look behind me it's gone. so last night i finally dreamt it. In my dream i just knew that Candice has given birth na and so today i mosey on to her blog and voila there is her beautiful baby. Natawa lang ako ng slight kasi just yesterday, Stereogum posted naman the cover of the latest People magazine with Britney showing off baby Sean for the first time. Natawa ako kasi, the first comment on Candice's entry was " woohoooooo! You finally went public with it!"

In another baby-related topic, DiegoMaps and Je will be proud parents soon. Their baby was supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago pa (akala nga namin magiging ka-birthday niya si Buds) but so far is taking his sweet time. But, he may be arriving this weekend. Because according to Jason relating what Diegs told him "Je is 1 cm na daw, whatever that means."


As you may have already heard by now, Buddy has just been recruited to be the new bassist of The Dawn. Ay, ang giddy ng lolo. He's so excited about the whole thing. The first time i saw him with The Dawn was last Saturday in Aruba for an 80's themed-night. Actually the place pala is an 80's themed place (which i think is the decade that most pinoys, music wise, have embraced and swore to never let go).

Nakakatuwa silang panoorin. At nakakatuwa panoorin si Buddy. Nung high school siya, he was such a fan of The Dawn. Kinekwento nga niya na when he was in his teens sa Zamboanga, The Dawn was the bomb. Pati sa brothers niya. Super excited din yung mga kapatid niya for him. I'm sure that Arnold is even more excited this time than when Buds first announced he's playing in this band called Eraserheads. hahahaha

Nicked from Niña's LJ

Actually ako din giddy about the whole thing. I mean man, they're one of the local bands i looked up to when i was in high school. Them and Identity Crisis. Ang weird lang ng feeling :) Our friends also share the same excitement and are very eager to see Buddy perform with his new band.

Niña took some really good pics during that gig, Actually she's a really good photographer, period. Needless to say, mas lalong naging busy ang lolo but he's really having a grand time. I hope i can keep up :) I'm saying that because we're really juggling our scheds now. Since day job ako and sha naman mas sa gabi. So i end up waiting up for him (so puyat ako) and then he wakes up early to have breakfast before i leave for work (puyat din siya). Thank God tomorrow is Saturday and there's no work on Monday. yey more time for fun and to be with Veda :)


Blogger Candice said...

When you commented that you dreamt it, I wasn't really sure if you were serious. But, wow, COSMIC! I must have been sending out some pretty strong vibes then, haha.

I looove Veda's explanation about the rain and the clouds. You can make a story book out of that. :)

Diegs better be ready... their baby is ready na!

2:03 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Sobra akong natuwa about Veda's cloud story. :O)

At Congratulations kay lolo Buddy!!! ang saya--sana mapanood din namin sya soon:O)

happy to know that you went to Boracay. I can't believe it was your first time there...it was great to read your 100th entry!

2:16 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

Hi Cands, no kidding, i really dreamt it. As of now, mukhang no show pa din si baby diego and je. Yan naman ang anticipation.

Yup Day, First time. kaloka ano? at naturingan pa akong tourism grad sa lagay na yan hahaha

4:08 PM  
Blogger Niña said...

Grabe ang cute ni Veda!!!!!!!
I remember pinakausap siya sa akin ni Buddy, sabi ko sa kanya uuwi na dad niya... tapos aba, kinorek ako! Sabi... "No, he has to do some errands..."

Genius talaga yang batang yan... When I was four I didn't have the word 'errands' in my vocab! :P

Ngayon ko lang nababasa blog mo at nahihiya akong tanungin sayo dati baka kasi parang yung sister ko dati ayaw sabihin sakin yung URL nung kanya, hehe. :)

8:46 PM  

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