Going mental over The Postal Service

Buddy just got his new mp3 player and in true 'arbor' fashion, i'm road testing it hahaha. nah, he's just way busy these days and i'm kinda testing din my comfort level regarding bringing a nice gadget out on the streets of manila with me (or at least that's what i tell myself)

so anyways, i'm really tripping out on The Postal Service. Grabe, galing! hay. Ang galing talagang lyricist si Ben Gibbard (they will see us waving from such great heights/"come down now", they'll say/but everything looks perfect from far away/"come down now", but we'll stay)

Been a hectic 4 weeks. Now is the only time that i really surfaced for air. And lookie, I just passed my 6-month marker with this new job. hurray me. Who would've thought i'd last this long? Growing old does have its advantages.

spent last night with friends. First part of the night was spent catching up with former Isis officemates. Mavic is in town and she's doing a radio project with Buddy and Indi at home. Happily, Malen and Len dropped by.

Then at 10:30, i took a cab to Mag:net Katipunan to meet up with El and Din where we caught the stand up sets of Al Manalo and Tim Tayag. it was a special night as they were recording the whole show for a CD. Naturally, i had to be there as i've been told more than enough times that i have a distinct laugh. he he he.

They had a great set. Our good friend Al has 'Pinoy-ed' considerably. His jokes are much more tuned into the Pinoy psyche than when i first saw him several months ago (he's a transplant from San Francisco US, see). His sketch regarding the 'Tree' poem along the South Expressway had me in stitches. According to Din, i also cracked up the last time i heard it.

Tim Tayag, was really funny, too. Katawa yung description niya about the Taglish ATM instructions (Make pindot-pindot your PIN) and how if Pinoys made the 'Passion of Christ' it'd be done in 5 minutes (In Gethsemane. Soldiers approach Jesus Christ. JC: Ser, sandali lang ser. baka pwede nating pag-usapan yan ser.)

This weekend promises to be quite busy as i've decided to grant my daughter's wish to go as Mira (of Encantadia). Kareer, in other words. Good thing CD agreed to help me out with this endeavour. I need to buy 1 1/2 yards of red cloth, a couple or so meters of gold piping, and some stuff for her 'tiara' and necklace. Wish us luck, will ya.


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