Panalo! (In which I realize that one and a half yards of red satin plus creative genius equals brilliant creation)

after a week of planning and buying and designing, Veda unveiled her especially-made-by-Tita-CD Encantadia dress to oohs and aahhs from her immediate family.

Last night we had a dress rehearsal and she was so excited to wear her costume for the first time. She kept referring to the accompanying photo (which guided CD in designing and creating the dress) to see how exactly like Mira's her costume is. This morning (the earliest Halloween paty ever - it started at 9) She looked especially delightful (and was delighted herself) when she was wearing the whole shebang with mumu silver crown and bracelet(extended with nylon string to become the necklace). Take a look:

This is a sword.

Again, thanks CD for this marvelous dress. Although by the end of the day, all the small stitches unraveled as she had a grand time running around, playing with classmates and trying to navigate the slides in her dress. But according to her teacher, she was acting every bit the princess (Sa lagay na yan, restrained pa pala yung ale hahaha)

I was wondering, why of all the characters in Encantadia, Veda chose Mira (who for the uninitiated is a baddie - she's the daughter of Pirena, the villain among the 4 sisters). Initially, I thought because she has more personality than the goodie ones (o di ba? ang lalim ng reading) and then later, i thought baka feel niya ang gown niya. Pero she's been singing this song by the same actress who plays Mira (Yasmien Kurdi) and I realized gusto niya yung actress.


Blogger starshuffler said...

Ang cute! At ang laki-laki na ni Veda! :-D

3:11 PM  
Blogger rikrikandtintin said...

uy, ang cute ni veda! next year ulit i'll make her costume ha :)

10:31 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

Thanks ulit CD. Next year? Surely! She's so happy with that dress hehehe although kahapon sabi niya "Mama, dapat cheerleader costume ako nung Halloween?" to which i replied "E di ba gusto mo Encantadia?" "Ay oo nga pala, sige next time na lang yung cheerleader costume."

Hay naku, Jovan, sinabi mo. Yesterday, sha ang ang nagbihis sa sarili niya bago kami nagpunta ng Hi-Top. She chose her shirt, skirt and sandals and proceeded to dress up all by herself. Any attempt at helping her out was met by "No, Ako na. Malaki na ako."

4:49 PM  
Blogger Cynthia said...

Ang laki na ng flowergirl namin Nest! Omaygesh! She's really pretty too :)

11:07 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

oh yea, cyn, your flower girl is truly grown. one day when the sky is blue (or pag di na busy) dalaw kami sa inyo. It was great seeing you and arn last night!! :)

4:10 PM  

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