happy 2k6!

Well, what do you know, we actually survived 2005 :)

(i bet GMA is saying the same thing, but with more feelings hehehe)

Just a short note to greet everyone a happy new year. It may sound trite and overused, but I really wish 2006 is the year when most of our dreams come true (or at least 50% completed).

Our new year's celebration was a small affair this year. there were only the three of us but it didn't feel like we were lacking or something. Ang galing. Wherever you spend new year's as long as you're with family, will always be a blast.

Buddy and I bought some mini-fireworks (yung pang kids) and we had a grand time lighting them. We didn't have to buy the really expensive bongga kind as most of our neighbors had them and all we have to do is look up. Veda was so happy with her sparklers.

Sparkles in the night

Dinner consisted of some Nigella recipes (eggplant involtini, creamy potato gratin), old standbys (oven fied chicken, bruschetta), salad and BTIC black forest for dessert as well as some fruits.

All in all, it was a fine way to greet the new year.


Blogger Candice said...

Happy New Year, Earnest!

Hey, which Nigella cookbook do you use? I'm thinking of getting one.

7:14 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

Happy new year, too candice (and of course to Armand and little Matthew).

The book i have with me is Nigella Bites. I want to own another one, yung How to be a Domestic Goddess, but this goddess has yet to come up with the money to buy it. It's over 2k at Powerbooks. Sigh. Very worth it though.

7:12 PM  

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