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is moving on the same as moving forward? Does the fact that you're moving in a forward motion means you're moving on? or just plain moving?

anyhow, last night i was with friends at the UP Theatre to witness the launch of the Heads tribute album which was a special baby of dear dear friend Dindin (VJ Claudine to Jam listeners). The place was packed and you can feel the excitement. People truly miss the Heads. It was fun to sing along to the old familiar tunes. It does seem strange that no one is playing these songs anymore the way they're supposed to be played (you know by the band who wrote and recorded these songs). Absurd, if you think some more. But hey, that's the way it crumbles. cookie-wise.

This Friday is the annual Rock awards. I've never given much thought to the fashown side of this yearly event but for some reason,i have an itch to look better than the usual this Friday. Maybe it's because Buddy (in his capacity as the bassist of The Dawn) is being dressed up by Sari sari (along with the whole band). Strange days, indeed (but in a very good, delish way).

I also heard that Mig Ayesa (yeah, you all know him don't feign ignorance) is performing that night. So, should i bring my autograph notebook with me for him to sign (the last person who signed it was Neil Gaiman, yeah!)? Of course! I just have to find a decent, inconspicous way of handing him my gnatty notebook. One day, i will tell you all about that notebook :)

Tonight we're also having dinner in honor of dear friend Andrew who is here on his annual Philippine trip with his family. Andrew, who is Australian, used to work with NATCCO when he was still with AusAid and ever since he went back (or maybe ever since he hooked up with his Pinay wife), he's been making annual trips to the country. Now that is sweet :) And he even speaks Tagalog fluently (martin nievera, did you read that?)

Oh btw, Nina has this set of hilarious pics of Buddy and Francis Reyes in a showdown of some sort. Glad to see he's having a wonderful time while i'm stuck here in my cubicle, staring at the monitor, red eyes turning redder as the AC assiduously dries up all my retinal moisture.


Anonymous aimee said...

ay sobrang homesick akooooo!!!
ang saya saya ninyo! promise nyo pagdating namin dyan, labas din tayo ha! sniff sniff self-pity sniff

3:10 AM  

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