Smile. It's the best anti-aging tip ever

today is an exciting day at work.

We had a five-hour assessment meeting and for some reason, i was happy with the lengthy session. Just goes to show you what kind of worker I am (ahem, ahem anyone from my office reading this? hahaha)

Actually what made this day a wonderful surprise is that we got our Christmas ham and cheese. We all lined up at 4 pm to get our ration. Sounds corny pero nakakaaliw. It may not be the best ham (i vote for the zabala ham especially made by my mom-in-law) nor the best cheese (it's a biggish block of magnolia cheezee) but hey it's the thought that counts.

And to sweeten the deal, they also handed out gift checks from SM. Christmas gift-giving is probably one of the reasons why corporate jobs are enticing.

Ang zaya zaya! (ang babaw ko)


before i forget, I was able to get a signature from MiG Ayesa at the recently-concluded Rock Awards. Nakakahiya how i did it.

After The Dawn stepped down (they were his back-up band), nawala sha agad. Silly me, i thought he did the rock star thing and left the building asap. Slightly dejected, I followed Indi and Buddy out of the back door. Just after the door, I saw Kiko and softly, sadly asked him "Wala na siya?" Then looked up and lo and behold it was MiG. I shrieked at the sight of him. Sorry Kiko for possibly destroying your eardrum that night. Nakakahiya talaga. To think, hindi rin naman ako ganoon ka-fan at sinabi ko pa 3 blog entries ago "I just have to find a decent, inconspicous way of handing him my gnatty notebook." I just wanted to add his signature to my autograph collection. Good thing he was such a sweet dude.

Ayan. medyo settling down na me. I just had to ask Kiko to join me in the pic

What's funny is that 3 hours later (after the SVC set at saGuijo), we were basically in the same group at Capone's enjoying a post-Rock Awards gimmick. He even jammed again with The Dawn that night. Hay. By then, I knew well enough to stay calm and remain quiet in one place.

Here are some more pics from that night

Naks, reunion. Indi, Kiko, Mapin and me

I like this pic. Kakatapos lang ni Raims mag crowd surf. Ang saya. Hindi lang si Diego ang big smile, look at the faces of the crowd below

Syempre meron din kami backstage pic ni Buds. Notice my faux prominent cheekbones, hahaha


Blogger silayan said...

wow. sinong makaka-imagina na nanay ka na!? obviously, earnestness has no age hahaha! by da wey, napanood ko si mig ayesa sa queen musical: we will rock you! when i was there in london. he was a very enthusiastic performer at kita mo kaagad ang fan base...grah-be. spot ko kaagad na pinoy sha without looking at his last name. baka there's such a thing as a musical race ? :)

labs, aimee

4:45 AM  
Blogger miranila said...

musical race. karera ng kantahan. hehehe corny.

MiG was/is a very charismatic performer. You shoulda seen his really, really tight jeans though. masikip kung masikip hahaha. Sa rock awards, we kept shouting 'take it off, take it off.' kaso, jacket lang inalis niya. pang rock star inxs lang yata yun.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:27 AM  
Blogger Cynthia said...

Haha, panalo! Fangirl si Nest! :) Congrats on having a token shot with him. Parang may hawig yang si Mig kay Inno Sotto? Or Vic Sotto?

10:34 AM  
Blogger miranila said...

Mas Vic Sotto ata. cover sha doon sa latest issue ng event mag 24/7 tapos sobrang emphasized yung chin na. slightly jarring yung itsura niya. sadya kaya yun. hmmm

8:17 PM  

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