making the most of broadband connection

Surfing the internet has become more exciting ever since i installed stumble upon on my pc. It literally lets me 'stumble upon' some of the best sites out there. A boon for people like me who can get stuck visiting the same old websites (not that i mind but sometimes i get the feeling that i'm missing out on a lot of things.)

Here are some of the sites i discovered using this nifty button (after you install it, it takes up residence on top of your browser. I hope you're already using firefox by now. What do you mean not yet? Get it now. Screw IE hehehe):

Pandora - lets you discover new artists and/or songs (you might like) based on your favorite songs. Made by the people who did the music genome project. I found out about Pedro the Lion (via Death Cab and Stellastar (via Bloc Party). It's like having your own music buyer or reviewer minus the ego.

Nobody Here - it's kinda not your typical personal website (hell, it has it's own help button). Click on any random object/text to find the wonders of this site. I still don't know what it's all about but i'm just happy with the novel way the designer did this site.

Pop Experiment - has a collection of great images

Ever wanted to write your name in Elvish? Now here's a short tutorial that guarantees you'll be writing elvish in 10 minutes.

Their Circular Life - become an external observer to a day in the life of an urban infrastructure (choose from several italian sites). Very, very engaging time lapse photography.


Blogger Cynthia said...

Ang galing! Thanks for the links, Nest. Ma-install rin nga yang Stumble Upon na yan... p.s. see you soon! Arn says he's fine with the end-of-the-month sked :)

4:39 PM  

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