permission to go crazy

My horoscope today:

"Although your boss might not agree, you can forget about work and all serious matters today. It's time to let your inner child play while you still have a chance, for there will probably be new responsibilities placed upon you tomorrow."

But since, i've loads of work to do and i know i always let go of my inner child whenever i feel like it, I'm sharing this with two friends who are celebrating their birthday today: starshuffler and Quarkie's lovely love, shmartypants. Happy bithday, you two. Have a blast!


Here's a nifty mini-game to test your quick-response. I am only as quick as a bobbing bobcat which is slightly faster than an ambling armadillo and one rung beneath a rocketing rabbit.

What can I do? I woke up at 8 am. I'm trying this new thing where i try to go to bed early and rise early. My lola would be proud hehehe


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