It’s just overkill

You know that our house is reaching some point of scrubs mania when Veda starts singing “I know, I’m no Superman.”

As if that’s not enough, Buddy and I had this conversation last night:

Me: Grabe, I’m so hooked na on Zach Braff. Nag-surf ako about him at work and last night I dreamt of him.
Buddy: Ako naman, si Elliot.

And that was like 2 minutes before February 14 officially started. Grabe na talaga.

Sa lagay na yan, hanggang second season pa lang natapos namin. Indi kindly lent her DVDs (seasons 1-4). In return, I’m downloading the episodes of season 5 for her.

Ika nga ni Colin Hay “Bisyo na to.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all.


Anonymous arlan said...

nes you should try grey's anatomy, highly recommending it. but the sexy overtones aren't for veda :)

11:07 AM  

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