Oh baby, you’re gonna miss that plane.

Oh so many thoughts running through my head.

Much as I like to watch Mich Dulce in PBB, I don’t really like the program pala talaga. I’m still rooting for her to land in the top 4 though. When you join these things, your goal should be the top spot. Otherwise, it just feels like a waste of time. Then again, you can always rationalize it as being part of a social experiment, as part of your growth as a person, to see what the fuss is all about, it's fun, etc

Someone once said you can’t substitute the real or something like that. I’m tempted to ask what kind of real? Asshole real? I also want to tell that person, “then you better talk to your significant other.” But that’s just being mean, right?

Anyhow, life is plodding along as it is wont to do these days. Can’t complain but I just wish things aren’t as busy as they are now. I’m constantly dreaming of spending a weekend at the beach (sunburn).

Can’t believe it’s almost the middle of February. 2006 is in a real hurry, no?

And oh, we caught the tail end of “Before Sunset” last night on HBO and once again my heart skipped a beat. Ang lungkot-saya talaga. And I really like that Jesse song. hehehe

February 14 senti words (which i got off the Bloc Party forum):
You don't have to preach to me. I'm a believer, baby.

ewan ko kung bakit, pero kinilig ako, hahaha


Just sauntered from the PBB site and may sakit daw ngayon si Mich. Kawawa naman. Hope she gets well agad.

Quark, instead of predicting until when she'll last in the house of Kuya, predict niyo na lang how much weight she'll lose. Imagine, carrying all that gallons of water and eating with her bare hands.


Blogger soulcraftwriter said...

hi, sweetie. in case you'd like a copy of jesse's song (aka a waltz for a night). i have it on my old blog.


12:39 PM  

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