Every so often my friends amaze me, making me realize once again why they’re my friends to begin with. It’s no so much because of any particular achievement (although these are sources of awe and admiration) but because of a more mundane reason. It can be a small dish prepared, a kind word uttered at precisely the right time, the unexpected e-mail with wonderful insights.

Actually, it’s more the latter that gets to me. In our everyday dealings with each other, I really don't see the changes that occur. To me, we’re just the same fools in college or wherever who decided to stick with each other and promised to grow old together. And then I get to read their emails (Christmas time usually brings out the introspective mood), letters or their blogs even, and I realize that my God how they’ve changed; older and definitely wiser.

I’ve always been a sucker for words. I love how ordinary words when strung in a particular way comes out very special and it makes me look at the world, even if it’s only for a brief time, in a different, dreamy way. I am blessed in this department because I have so many friends who have this gift and they continually surprise me with their eloquence, whether they realize it or not.

On that note I’d like to share this part of an email that El wrote to Dada (which was forwarded to me when she included me in her reply email.)

I realize that the season of our lives together is changing. this is a reason for expanding our tribe, I suppose. in a way buti na lang or we'll begin to get bored with each other. the children are definitely
bringing in fresh air and passion. at the same time, it also means more time apart. But, somehow we are all managing to hang on even if its just by a thread of a bit of time together. Maybe, that is all we need.


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