fun-filled Bora

it's been a week since we came home from boracay. we stayed there from wednesday to sunday (the others stayed behind and left in batches last wednesday and thursday).

this trip was more fun for me fo several reasons - we took Veda along with us, Indi also joined us (she's covering the Dawn's 20th anniv celebrations for Burn), of course the whole of The Dawn and their loved ones were with us, we stayed at a far nicer place than last time (Freckles along Bulabog road), had great food at all times. and the company. I really endjoyed the company -- i'm really pinoy when it comes to outings like this - the more the merrier.

The bad thing lang about the trip was that the waters were sort-of overran by seaweed. We had a picture in front of Willy's Rock and the beach looked like a river. Bleah. but still little Veda had oodles of fun.

Ang saya rin ng mga gigs. The Dawn had a total of 5 gigs (one each from wed to sun) excluding pa their jam with sandwich for MTV.

anyhoo, here are some pics from that vacation. it really was a vacation kaya lang me gigs yung mga guys, pero di bale after 5 days of work, they had 3 days of fun, kaya lang di sila pwede umitim kasi they still have 60% of shooting time left for their movie. they still managed to have fun though, kaya nga me SPF 70 e hahaha.

Veda with Annika
Veda with Annika, Junboy's and Gina's lovely girl

me and my castle
the first night that this sand castle was built, Veda and I went over to check it out. Sabi niya: sana castle din ang house namin to which the castle builder responded: e di pagawa ka din. Sagot naman ng maliit: e, hindi naman kami royalty, e.

who me
Jett and Niña, first night gimmick

iisang bangka tayo
the 20th anniversary gig. 23 songs in almost 2 hours. ang saya! bummer lang yung fact na nawalan ng wallet si Teenee. good thing she only had 400 pesos in it

pose naman dyan.
Fierce daw, hahaha too bad i didn't tell Buddy, hindi tuloy nakapag-project. after-gig pose muna. Can you tell na naka- 2 hours si Buds ng tugtog at ako naman ay nakadami ng sayaw at benta ng t-shirts?

trycicle ride
my last night in bora, on our bumpy way to palo maria (where Indi was staying) for gimmick. the place was closed so we headed back to freckles' bamboo lounge with beer and other provisions.

kiko and his flaming nipples
get two jeigermaster blinkers, attach to nipples using masking tape and you get... flaming nipples kiko. batteries not included

fran and veda
Veda lounging with Fran, The dawn's indefatigable fabulous manager

low tide
hamming it up with Indi in front of Willy's Rock

Kiko and JunBoy with their cameras.


Blogger Niña said...

hahahaha!!! grabe buti ka pa nakapagpost ng photos!!!!

panalo yung photo ni Veda and Fran!!!! parang obvious na magiging protege ni Fran Si Veda, sobrang PR!!! Hahahaha!!

7:56 PM  
Blogger zarahjutz said...

ang ganda naman ni veda!!

grabe, hindi na talaga ako nakakalabas. hindi ko na kayo nakikita. hehehe.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Grabe natameme siguro yung gumawa ng sand castle sa reply ni Veda-- sobra smart!

Ang saya ng mga pictures nyo at wagi yung flicker mo dito sa blog Earnest.


10:37 AM  
Blogger Tin-Ling said...

LOVE the pics! I owe you a CD of burned pics :) Please burn for me na rin! Waah, that was a really fun time...I kinda miss playing with Cutie & Precocious Veda. FLUSH THE TOILET!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!

- Teenee :)

1:44 PM  
Blogger miranila said...


Sinabi mo. pwede sha mag-apprentice hahaha.


naku malaki na talaga yan. At marunong na ring mangatwiran hehehe.


Medyo tumahimik nga yata yung mama when Veda said that. Do you have a flickr account? Send it to me naman so i can add you. Malapit na kayo ni Amats! Have you thought of a name na?


Veda misses you, too. Flush the toilet is now a staple in our house. :) hope to see you soon. will burn the cds na (which reminds me i have to go to cdr king)

12:23 PM  
Blogger soulcraftwriter said...

nest, you look so payat in that pic with buddy.

great vacation, mare! kelan kaya tayo naman ng mga katipuneras?

6:00 AM  
Blogger miranila said...

Hi Ella,

oo nga kelan nga ba tayo mag-ou-outing naman :) hope all is well on your end. Update your blog na. Can't access friendster dito sa office, e.

4:33 PM  

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