why we use spell check

Indi just informed me that I got Luis' blog URL wrong in my previous entry.

Instead of songsinthecity which is on blogSPot (http://songsinthecity.blogSPot.com) like this one, the link sent you to the "Amazing Bible Studies" (http://http://songsinthecity.blogPSot.com/.

How weird is that. Spamming via misspelled URLs?

I just entered the http://www.blogpsot.com/ and it still led me to that page. I guess it's intentional.

pretty clever, though.


Blogger ourpeboritp!o!p! said...

nice blog...I just saw it as a link somewhere and thought it was Buddy's blog...it turns out to be his better half...I checked out some of your writings and made me say "Yea" regarding the multiple email accounts...I'm a big fan of Buddy's work (past and present) say thanks for me...

check out my blog (hobby) too...


10:25 PM  

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