How to kick start your week

Nothing like dinner with old friends to help you get out of a rut.

Last night as per our agreement some two weeks back, Cyn and Arnold, Maps and Raims, Buddy and I took time off from hectic schedules and all trooped to the newly-opened and sparsely-occupied Serendra mall in Fort Boni.

We all agreed to meet up at the 2nd branch of Blowup Babies. (yes, a second branch and they were invited by the mall developers no less to put up another branch. Go visit now. Bring your pets, too!) Afterwards we went to Thai Silk. The food was lovely especially their tom yung kai. Pad Thai was great although it still doesn’t quite give me the same pleasure as that street pad Thai I had a few years back (all for the price of 10 baht!). Quark and Lia were a bit late and joined us for dessert at the lovely Mary Grace home to delicious ensaymada, mini cakes, chocolate drinks and Jona, one of the most attentive wait staff I’ve ever come across. We were supposed to have dessert at Cupcakes, unfortunately, by the time we were ready for sweets, the place was closed for a private function. Dammit! We were so looking forward to it. Ika nga ni Raims “Bakit me funk naman kami a.” Di bale, we will be back.

We had loads of fun at Mary Grace. It’s great to hang out with friends and just talk about anything. My gawd, the things we talked about: Arrested Development, Entourage, how some people you just call by their full names (i.e. ArnoldArre, DiegoMapa, MarcAbaya – who incidentally we bumped into earlier in the night), work, etc… Basta, it was a fun night. I felt so relaxed and slept like a baby afterwards (which is a luxury as lately I’ve been tossing and turning in bed – too much heaven, I mean, clutter in my mind).

best scene:

Jona: Sir, kayo po ba si Quark Henares?
Quark: yes.
Jona: pwede po magpa-sign at magpa-picture?
Quark: Of course. (a little softly) Astig, kasama ko ang Eraserheads pero ako ang nakilala.

Hahaha. Riot. In fairness, when she saw Buddy’s name sa guest list (we were asked to sign 3 times: guest book, a notepad and feedback forms) she gave a tentative “zabala? Buddy Zabala?” “Sir, Erazerheads po ba kayo?” Tawa na kami ng tawa. And then we started pointing to Lia (editor ng Exodus!), Myrene (NU DJ!), Arnold (maker ng Mythology Class!), Cynthia (graphic designer ng magazine!).


Do watch Quark's latest movie, Wag Kang Lilingon. I'm plugging it because I might not be able to watch it. I'm such a scaredy cat. The last time i ventured into that genre was with Kelvin and Jugs to catch "What Lies Beneath." Turns out, we were a trio of easily-scared babies. Nakakatawa kami sa loob ng sinehan. Nakakahiya na nakakatawa.

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Blogger Arn and Cyn said...

Sobrang saya Nest! We should do it again ulit :D
You forgot to write: Earnest: dating manager ng Itchyworms at Eraserheads!

2:28 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

it was really a swell night. i was looking at everyones eyes, btw and darn it if they weren't testimonials to how busy our lives are these days hahaha

salamat ulit sa pictures. sa uulitin talaga :)

2:50 PM  

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