some days you just need to survive

some of the things that really make me go into a tizzy, these days:

1. Veda getting sick (forever na siguro ito hanggang sa pagtanda niya)
2. Being unable to spend enought time at home during weekdays. One-hour commute (each way) to work has definitely lost its novelty, trains nothwithstanding.
3. not being able to access the IVLE
4. flipflopping decisions. commit yourself already!


Anonymous arlan said...

1. my kid always get sick too, colds, then lagnat =( mana sa tatay.

2. the misery of the filipino working class.

3. ur at upou too???

4. is that u or someone else? =)

2:39 AM  
Anonymous arlan said...

ok my bad, just realized dlsu has ivle too, hehe.

2:51 AM  

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