saturday morning with the moonchild

V: My barbie doll is made in China.

Ang sinabi ko: yes, anak. Because it’s cheaper to make them in China.

Gusto kong sabihin: Outsourcing ang tawag diyan. Isang manifestation ng globalization

V: My Barbie doll clothes are fake.

Ang sinabi ko: No they are not. They’re called unbranded. Fake is when you pass off something not true as real.

Gusto ko talagang sabihin: Tawag diyan ay value shopping. We need not always get the branded ones. What’s important is what we do with the toys/things that we have.

V: Why do some people destroy the stuff of the sidewalk vendors?

Ang sinabi ko: It’s quite complicated. There are many reasons: 1) sidewalks are for people, 2) vendors on the sidewalks means people walk on the streets causing traffic and possibly harm to their bodies, 3) there’s a proper place for everything. It doesn’t mean though that what the stompers are doing is correct.

And then I was rambling already as I couldn’t stop myself from going into explanatory mode. I explained to her the quandary of vendors, Pinoys buying habits that makes sidewalk vendors a reality, the mandate of the MMDA. Infodump much? In other words, sinabi ko talaga ang gusto kong sabihin, pero syempre in kids speak. Kaya lang baka na-lost na sha. But at the end of it sabi niya: "Kawawa naman pala ang mga tindera." (cue music here:"Manggagawang impormal, Kabalikat sa buhay.")


Blogger Cynthia said...

Hahaha! Yang anak mo talaga, ubod ng curious -- which is good of course because it's a sign of high intelligence! (Si Abbas din curious, uuy matalino rin alaga ko). Tawang tawa ako dun sa "I said" and "what I really wanted to say" scenarios and I'm sure the meaning is not lost on Veds. I have a feeling she will continue fighting for the plight of the street vendors (and all your other advocacies) when she grows up. (:

p.s. just saw your text re Friday Night Lights? Ma-download nga yan. Thanks Nest! (:

11:10 PM  

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