My Neil Gaiman blog entry

This is prolly the nth (and i bet not the last) blog entry about Neil Gaiman's visit to Manila. SInce, i'm still enthralled (therefore trulagen colagen sustagen to the max ako speechless), I will just post some photos we took when we visited (ambushed?) NU during Quark's (and Ramon's and Erwin's) interview with Neil Gaiman.

For a definitive look at the 3-day Gaimania, check Quark's LJ.

dreamking 001
Ene and Myrene waiting for the man.

dreamking 004
Neil, ako ang yung konsensya.

neil gaiman ulit
You will not leave this room until you sign all these books in front of you!!

dreamking 025
Actually, the guy's a real sweetie. So nice and gracious.

neil gaiman 1
Heehee, I shall forever treasure this picture.

I've also been reading his journal. Ang galing. I'm looking forward getting one of his more recent novels. Too bad, i didn't bring my Neil Gaiman books. Si Buddy kasi. he insisted i just bring the comic books.


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