when the shit hits the fan, it's time to do some old fashioned escapist moves.

not drugs, you ninny. the less expensive kind - movies (although they're getting to be costly ha. i remember when i can see a movie and have some snacks and still have some left to bring me home all for P20.)

for want of a blog entry, i would just like to enumerate movies i've recently seen.

1. Batman Begins (Gateway Mall) - love this movie. Christian Bale is perfect. I also liked the production design and the Gotham as third world (or as social justice activists call them now, 'global south') complete with allusions to World Bank and IMF.
2. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Robinson's Galleria) - this one is so kulit. Went bonkers over the 'overture' of doplhins singing "So long and thank you for the fish." wanna singalong to it? check out their fab official website. Basta. this is fantastically good. too bad not that many people saw it (there were less than 20 people inside the moviehouse when we saw it).
3. Raising Helen (DVD, at home) - Kate Hudson, John Corbett. ok lang. nice enough movie to unwind to.

what dya think about our current political turmoil? It's surreal na talaga. Just had this exchange with Erwin early this morning (via text of course)

Erwin: GMA con team just announced resig. Lol
Me: Bracing myself for the inevitable ascencion of NOli de Castro as president. may we all learn our lesson from this election. hay.
Erwin: I've long regretted supporting EDSA 2. Erap may have abused his positioons but the fault lies with us- we had and have no respect for [the]constitution and institutions.
Me: yeah, i see your point. what's the point of engaging in messy, expensive elections? what's the point of putting people in positions when in the end it's us - the people - who have to clean up after them?
Erwin: Yup. lalo na that our culture is one that encourages 'corruption.'

Then in the midst of it, El also texted that "civil society people in government had meeting in Ateneo and decided to resign today. totoo na pre-emptive ginawa ni GMA last night."


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