Sartre was right, hell is other people.

Earlier today while i was riding the train on the way to work, this woman who was two seats away from me started whining about how slow the train was going. We were approaching the Pureza station (3rd station before the last stop, Recto where i get off). The train was indeed going slower. for what reason, i don't know.

But oh how this woman ranted and complained. "Ang bagal! (How slow!)," she'd exclaim every 5 seconds or so. When my immediate seatmate and I started looking at her, she explained that she had a bum stomach.

I told myself, if she didn't exit at the next stop,i'll move to another section of the train. You see, the train really slows down when it leaves Pureza because the rail tracks curve to the left as it approaches Legarda. I didn't want to hear her stringy voice for the next five minutes.

Pureza station came and she didn't stand up. So i did and and spent the rest of the train ride standing. i'd rather experience some physical discomfort rather than be stressed by her. It's a workday, so my stress load for the day should come from something work-related hahaha.

Normally, i can tune out people but this week, for some reason, my defenses aren't up to normal. Yesterday, i almost wanted to shush (as in impolitely shush or maybe tell off) these two teeners who kept singing all these crappy remakes churned out by what's becoming dime-a-dozen star search winners. They were trying to outdo or outsing each other. Was i that annoying when i was younger? Probably, but i bet i had better taste in music (wink).


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