sunday in the park

Thank God(dess) for Quezon City.

Though many people would regard QC as boring with its suburban lifestyle, malls and general lack of artistic ambience (whatever that means), i'm eternally grateful that i live in QC. I am doubly thankful that our modest home is situated near the UP campus with its trees and fresh air (i know, i know we may never sever our umbilical cords) now that i spend at least 40 hours a week in smog-laden, traffic-congested Manila.

Last Sunday, as part of our welcome activities with Joseph and 5-year old Gabriel (they're visiting the Philippines sans Aimee for 3 weeks. We promised Aims that we'll take good care of her husband and son while they're here :) , we spent the afternoon lazing at the UP Sunken Garden. My family got there first around 4 pm. Our little one, who spent more than two weeks being cooped inside her grandma's house doing nothing but watch TV and spend a few minutes outside, was ecstatic to have such a vast space for her playground. She ran, kicked ball, etc.

sunken garden
UP sunken Garden at 5 in the afternoon

After an hour the Santos clan arrived led by Carlo and Aloy. Immediately, they started working on the kites. We had fun flying the kites. The others tried assembling small airplanes which didn't work prompting Jorick to declare that "all the stuff we bought in Tagaytay are crap!"

Green kite in the sky

As darkness started to blanket UP, we decided that it's time to pack up so we can prepare for the welcome dinner at El's place. Dinner, as always, was a great affair. Since Joseph is a vegetarian, most of the dishes were catered for him. El made a mean pasta sauce with sundried tomatoes (pasalubong fr Aims), bruschetta and salad. I brought an Indian potato salad (with wansoy, mongo sprouts, lemon, etc) as well as bbq chicken with satay sauce (copped from a recipe from Food magazine - i love this mag!) The Santos family bought pork bbq and we also grilled vegetables on our "pangit na ihawan."

welcome dinner

it was a relaxed party. The three kids were just bonding with each other with minimum fuss. Everyone was sated and by 9:30 pm, half the guest have left. It was a slow evening but it was still a lot of fun. And to top it off, the following day, a Monday, was a non-working holiday. Hurrah!


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