let's talk about the weather, shall we?

we all agree, this summer is like, one of the hottest we ever experienced. although, i can't complain much since i'm inside an airconditioned room most of the day. it's so cold in here i have to wear a jacket.

but i do feel the tyranny of the sun at night and during the weekend. since march last year, we haven't been using our bedroom's airconditioner. we've been told by Aling Thelma, our alternative health service provider, to stop using it as it limits our access to fresh air and can actually be a source of sickness - since the A/C just re-circulates stale air. Sensible and at the same time helps us lower our electric consumption.

but we temporarily abandoned this as soon as April came around. now it turns out, we're in for even hotter days. Gah.
"We still have not experienced the maximum temperature during summer. Normally, it comes in May, so expect that it will be hotter soon," Ngohayon told the Inquirer in a phone interview yesterday."

Read the article "If you think April's hot, then watch out for May."

i apologize for the lameness of this blog entry. hehehe we all have our moments, yes?


Blogger Candice said...

I find myself complaining about the weather everyday... and trying not to get sick at the same time. "Tyranny" is a good word to use --- it's been an abusively hot summer indeed.

6:46 PM  

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