Dreaming of Boracay

My daughter’s yaya is going home to Bacolod for a one-week vacation middle next month. I told her that shipping companies normally offer 20% discount off boat fares when you purchase them in advance. So online I went to check the current rates.

True enough, both Superferry and Negros Navigation had special rates for the summer. But what caught my eye was NN’s Boracay package. I still have to recover from that brief encounter with the sand and water of Puerto Galera. Coupled with the fact that Manila is becoming unbearably hot by the minute, you can forgive me for salivating over what seems too-good-to-be-true discount package.

Here’s what they are offering:

Weekday package
Boracay Weekday Package
Php 3,888 only
Package Includes:
Welcome Drink
Round Trip Boat Fare
Free One(1) Breakfast Buffet
Two (2) nights & Three(3) days stay in Boracay
Economy Aircon Accommodation

Departure from Manila: Mon 7pm
Arrival in Boracay: Tue 7am
Departure from Boracay: Thu 6pm
Arrival in Manila: Fri 6am

Isn’t that great? They also have a weekend package - for the same price but lesser days.

Offline, I immediately called their number. The operator who picked up immediately knew I was inquiring about the Boracay trip; all I managed to say was “uhm” before I was connected with the special package person. It’s safe to assume that a number of people are as stoked by the discounted package as I am.

Buoyed by this realization, I asked the person on the other line where the accommodation is. I don’t mind if the resort was inland. Hey, it’s a bargain. I can just imagine the white sand between my toes. “It’s on the boat, mam. Bale, the vessel will serve as your floating hotel.” Toingks. I can feel the sea breeze and crystal blue water fading from my imagination (Think “Eternal Sunshine Spotless of the Mind”).

So, that’s what the economy aircon accommodation is all about. Sigh. Imagine waking up and going home to the pier. It’s a funny sight.

can you blame me for salivating over that deal?
photo from the Boracay Pictures Gallery

No, I’m not making fun of those who are taking advantage of this opportunity. It’s just that I’m not as flexible and adaptable as I used to be. Maybe if I was still in college or in my early 20s, I wouldn’t mind it. It’s just a minor inconvenience. After all, I’d be spending most of my time on the island. Most likely, I’ll just treat the room as a locker.

But not at this age – I need the small things that make for a more comfortable vacation like having your own bathroom and some privacy. I don’t need an airconditoned room – a fan room will do. I also want walls that are thick enough to insulate you from the occupants of the next room.

While we were in Galera, Buddy and I had the misfortune to share the thinnest wall with three of the most boisterous, inconsiderate people I’ve ever encountered. I wont’ go into details on how they almost spoiled our stay but I’ll give you an idea on how thin the walls were:

After our afternoon swim, we went back to the room to shower with the plan of meeting up with Raims and Maps for an early dinner. As I headed to the wee bathroom, I informed Buddy that I’m taking a shower. Guess who answered back? Yup, one of the two girls from the other room (they shared the small room with a gay friend so you have an idea how noisy these belles in the sand were) shouted: “Huh!? I’m just taking a shower. Will be done soon.” I would find it hilarious if somebody else was telling the story, hahaha.


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