The bright side of life

I'm supposed to be writing an article now. by all accounts, i could make my saturday deadline. for some reason (maybe force of habit) i asked for a later deadline which my editor so generously granted. she added that Tuesday is ok since i'm not one of those who need to be edited all over. (insert pic of flexing muscle here) Hehehe just wanted to share that with you.

hey, writers (naks! did i just write that) just like everyone else need affirmation every now and then. and i think people involved in solitary activities like writing need it more than the others.

The past few days have been quite trying. anyway, i'm pass it, i think; my sense of humour in tact.

[deleted sentences]

I wrote some stuff intended for very dear people (not!) in the preceding space but decided against it. Ok na yun. kanya-kanyang trip lang talaga ang mundo.

On with life:

1. Disneyland HK to open this 12 September 2005. Damn it! I know globalisation is bad. And haven't i worked in isis long enough to know that Disney is one of the bigger players in the attempt of media giants (mostly from the Northern countries) to dominate and monopolise the world, thereby supplanting our very own norms and traditions with branded, hegemonised culture? despite knowing this fact, Who still wants to visit DisneylandHK with daughter and husband in tow? I do!!!

2. Oscar Awards 2005. I don't know if i'm getting old or what but i'm not as keen about the Oscar AWards as I used to. baka lang, i'm so turned off na by hollywood formula or maybe i'm just too spoiled by pirated dvds (i don't have to watch at the moviehouses) or I just rely on my own judgement on whether a movie is good or not.

3. Rediscovering Yoko Ono. While baking our christmas goodies last December, i listened to the "Double Fantasy" album of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Guess what, she's not bad. In fact, she's good. I guess. she's really an artist well ahead of her time. And for her to survive and transcend the stigma attached to her has made me admire her more.

yoko ono as generated by the Caricature Zone

Ah, age. what it does to someone's perception about certain "truths."

Trawled the web for a yoko ono pic to accompany this entry and i learned that she's still much vilified by some critics. Oh well. some things you never outgrow.

That's it. just needed to write now otherwise i'd feel guilty the whole night for not even trying to do something productive today.


Arrgh! Who am i kidding? I feel guilty as hell for not doing anything today except eat, play literati, surf the net and write this blog. There are days and there are days. Might as well look at today as a day for resting and recharging. hehehe new-agey stuff to help me rationalise the wasted day away.


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