weary and sad

i'm down.

i dunno if it's due to my friend aimee leaving for the US this wednesday or hormones (it's near that time of the month) or that i need to write an article (i get sad a few days i actually sit down to finish a writing assignment) or not quite being able to reconcile with the fact that i really need to slow down more often otherwise my body will bear the brunt of all these running around.

it's probably a combination of all or just pure hormones. whatever, i am down. Ayoko pa naman nagsusulat ng blog entry na malungkot. ah, well. it's therapy.

maybe i'm also down because of the book i'm currently reading. It's John Irving's "A Widow for One Year." The novel is about an internationally acclaimed author named Ruth Cole. She was abandoned by her mother when she was only four. Prior to her kasi her parents had two beautiful sons who were killed in a car accident. They were 17 and 15 at the time of their death. Ruth was a replacement baby. Up until she was 4, she lived with the 'ghosts' of her brothers through their numerous photos put all over their big house in Long Island. Afraid that she will lose her child again, the mother deliberately did not love Ruth and left her in the care of her father when she was 4.

I'm a fan of John Irving ever since i read his "The World According to Garp" in college. I've real almost all his books ata even those about bears.


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