I crush Lucas (of One Tree Hill)

Oh gawd, i confess. I've been hooked on WB's One Tree Hill since I chanced upon it on ETC a month ago. He's so cute and so delicious hahaha. Love it when he squints those dreamy eyes. Now that's the way to cast the leading man of a soap intended for young adults (take note "Dawson's Creek" casting people. Ack! just surfed into a website that says he was part of Dawson Creek, so i take it back).

di ba, di ba, di ba?

The first time I really sat down to watch it, natawa ako sa fact that basketball is the main arena of conflict. I was about to text Ene something to the effect of "never thought basketball can be a source of profundity" when i remembered the passion evoked in me by the movie "The Basketball Diaries" and how basketball, or any kind of sport, can literally save anyone who devotes blood and sweat to it.

Right after OTH is The OC and of course I also sat through it. I had a harder time appreciating this soap until tonight when I got to see the second episode of the first season. ETC is prolly on its 3rd rerun of the OC first season. Thank God, they don't have enough funds to buy the next season (at least that's my theory). And what can I say, I have a new Tuesday tv habit. Kadire. hahaha I'm 32 and I'm hooked on american teen soaps. Pero, in fairness, hanggang nood lang ako. I've yet to read up on any teen beat articles on the subject at hindi ko pa sha ginagawang wallpaper. (kunwari pa daw)

Back on the subject of Chad Michael Murray (the actor playing Lucas), my friend Aimee and I watched "Mean Girls" during our 3-day family weekend in Puerto Galera. (Lucas, OTH, the OC gets a blog entry and my weekend at the beach only gets a mention. something is wrong with me hahaha) We were reduced to swooning teens when we saw yung leading man ni Lindsay Lohan. Jonathan Bennet is his name. Pero kahit super kilig siya, i still choose Chad Michael Murray over him, mas me lalim at maraming baon pagdating sa acting. btw, Chad Michael Murray was also Lindsay's romantic echus sa "Freaky Friday." Aba, talaga namang ke gugwapo ang mga ka-love team ng lola :)

"Mean Girls" is funny and refreshing. Very similar to "Heathers" pero syempre the latter is more deep and sophisticated, intended for a more intelligent audience. Magaling din umarte si Lindsay Lohan. And she's a great dancer, as well. It's also nice to see a healthy body image on screen. Tama na yung mga waif-waif eklavu na yan. Hindi yan normal hahaha


Blogger haiku said...

Hahaha! I have a crush on Lucas, too! :p Watched the series on its second run. Missed a few episodes, though so I'm waiting for the reruns. Suffice it to say, I truly enjoyed the show. Guilty pleasure! Haha! :D

10:56 AM  
Blogger miranila said...

hahaha sinabi mo guilty pleasure talaga. actually, i'm also praying ETC will soon show yung second season ng OTH and the OC pati na rin ng QE4SG :)

11:11 AM  
Blogger Candice said...

Lucas, OTH, the OC gets a blog entry and my weekend at the beach only gets a mention. something is wrong with me hahaha

---you're so funny! actually, i have friends who are so religious about catching OTH, that a nightcap at someone's home can extend because of the NEED to catch the rerun... i'm wondering if i'm missing out here already!

1:00 AM  

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