contemplating life on a sunny afternoon

At home.

Procastinating. Tons of work to do but I'm being a sloth this afternoon. Wishing that today is next week, all of this week's work behind me. Alas, daydreaming is my bane. I remember my Lola admonishing me one too many times when I was younger about my daydreaming ways. But who can blame me on this afternoon? The weather is oh so fine. Just like a perfect summer day, fine breeze and all. It also helps that the little tyke is having her nap and so quiet surrounds me.

Resisting the urge to compare myself to my contemporaries. Yet another bad habit I'm trying to break. Learning how to make life-affirming statements instead of the usual, easier-to-do grunting and whining about life's inequalities. But then again, I chose to work with developmental issues and so recognising, pointing out and analysing injustices of this world is a given.

Propping my ego, convincing myself that applying for a job and undergoing the application process is not tiring, that it's a necessary evil. Reminding myself that if I don't get a job it doesn't mean I'm a lousy worker, just that i don't fit the job requirements.

Little girl now awake. End of reverie.


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