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Have you ever come across some acronyms while surfing your favorite blogsite or while chatting during an online game? Well, I have and more often than not, I'm stumped figuring them out. What do i do? I google it, of course. I just discovered a better way of addressing this particular handicap though and that is to go to the wikipedia site.

Wikipedia is a "copyleft" encyclopedia that is collaboratively developed using wiki software. Wikipedia is managed and operated by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. In addition to standard "encyclopedic" knowledge, Wikipedia includes information more often associated with almanacs and gazetteers, as well as coverage of current events.

I go to the site to check out what NSFW means (not safe for work)or what AFK stands for (away from keyboard).

It's a great learning site, too. New word i learned today from wikipedia - backronym which wikiepdia defines as "a word that was not an acronym originally but was later amusingly or ironically changed into an imaginary one. All the letters of the new backronym are the initials of words that in total reflect an overall new meaning which may in effect be comical, cynical or even offensive. This is a special case of what linguists call back-formation."

So now i know what to call those things we used to write on each other's slum books during our elementary and high school days. Such as:

JAPAN - Just Always Pray At Night
ITALY - I Trust And Love You

Hahaha I can't remember much anymore.


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