blast from the not so distant past

I wrote this in an earler blog which never really took off.

how much of the truth in our lives do we really put out on this space? as bloggers, do we really spell out what we feel, as candidly if we were writing in a private journal?i'm asking these questions because i'm at a loss as to what constitutes blog-worthy material?

Everytime i open up a computer (my housemate's laptop in this case), i literally scratch my head about what to write. on the one hand, i can regale you, my dear reader (hehehe as if) of the things or activities i did for the past 24 hours and how i felt correspondingly. But that sounds too, i don't know, easy. on the other hand, I achingly want to spill out my guts:fear, anger, sadness, and all that. But i kinda feel shy about exposing myself.

Hahaha, the last line looks funny. I mean, who am i kidding? This is the net. It's supposed to be a liberating medium. Ah, i'm guessing these questions are all signs of a first-timer, an amatoor as my friends say it. I'm hoping that soon i will be more relaxed about the whole thing and will be ranting and raving with abandon. And maybe even muster the courage to tell people about this blog. For now though, i have to find a way to customise the look of this page.

After blogging semi-regularly for over a month and some serious reading of other people's blogsites, I found that yeah, bloggers do spill out their guts on these pages. And these are very empowering acts of bravery. I just read this one about a rape survivor who outed herself and proudly declared "No pity. No shame. No silence." Blogs like this are mini-revolutions in themselves.

As for me, I think i'm a bit more courageous than my earlier blogger-self. Heck, i already informed a number of friends about this site. Talk about being self-conscious which isn't me at all. I mean, in real life, I'm loud hahaha. i guess i'm a bit intimidated by how the written word can seem so permanent. And how, once they're committed to the page, take a life of their own.


Blogger Fej said...

I can sympathize with your sediments. How much do you reveal? I am personally rather new to blogging, I’ve been doing so for about 2 months. It appears that I’m clearly addicted and really needed this sort of medium to express myself. I have not however told anyone I know about this. I’m not sure how I’d feel about even some of my closest friends reading this stuff, who know most of this crap already. It feels good to get feedback from strangers and to read their blogs as well. I’m not so sure I’m ready to let those I already know about this blog. Much of the things I discuss would not be brought up in normal correspondence with people. I’ll worry about that later though, for now I’m enjoying this newfound experience.


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