davao davao

I was in Davao last weekend to accompany Imago as their road manager. It's been awhile since I last assumed the role but it went well, I think.

Anyways, it was fun. Tiring but fun. The band had a really great set (they were the guest band for for the Red Horse Muziklaban band competition). The Davao crowd really embraced them, literally and figuratively :). Fans swarmed the band as soon as they got off the stage - to get their autographs, have pictures taken with them and so on and so forth.

Me? I just made sure everything went smoothly. Such is the task of a road/band manager. Oh, i also took pictures of the band. That was fun, too. Here's something to give you a glimpse of how crazy and how deliriously enjoyable that Davao gig was.

tim and aia worshipping myrene

That being a beer-sponsored event, cases of beer were at our disposal. Unfortunately, i don't drink beer (never liked the taste hehehe) and I have a slight health condition which meant I had to leave the scene early. Went back to the hotel at 2:30 am and was asleep an hour later. The others went on to party at their hotel rooms and prolly slept around 5 am. Sigh. such a happy weekend. But of course, we all had to wake up early(around 10 am) because our flight was at 1 pm.

I had a realization though. I realized through the flurry of activities that band managing is not my cup of tea anymore. I mean, it's fun and i get to hang out with some of the best people I know and love. But it doesn't give me the same kick as it used to before. (from 1996-2002 I handled 3 bands.) But hey, don't get me wrong, am still open to helping my friends out but in some other form. Although i don't mind being their occassional road manager. Heehee it gets me to places for free, yey!

oh and before i forget, we had durian cappucino from BlueGre. That really is something. It's a piece of heaven on earth. Davao ain't Davao without a tall cup of hot durian cappucino. Too bad, we weren't able to have another cup before our flight.

Durian in my cappucino. Delicioso!


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