on postcards and what not: a look into the meaning of this blog's title

Well, it's pretty simple actually.

I used to fancy myself a stamp collector. I went as far as buying a stamp collection book. I gave up on the endeavor however due to boredom.

In 1997, i was fortunate enough to have traveled the US. On the second trip, I stayed for a month and as part of ritual meant to ease homesickness, i sent postcards (to my then-bf now-husband) for every state i visited. Oh, i was rabid. i even sent a postcard from phoenix. never mind if we had to rush from one terminal to the other in less than 30 minutes(my friend and i were on buddy passes so it was pretty haggard). No wait. i don't think i bought a postcard in phoenix. i think i got myself a cactus or something.

anyway, when i went home, i had a grand time looking at the postcards i sent (i'm narcissistic that way). Then it hit me. Postcards (with paper stamps not metered ones) are better material for a collection. Aside from the fact that you're topmost on the person who's travelling (therefore you have an 85% chance of getting a pasalubong hahaha), it's also a way for me to vicariously live through my friend's experience. An ingenious way of scratching my travel itch.

I started asking friends to send me postcards since 2000, I think. So far, I have postcards (all addressed to me!) from Greece, Israel, France, a number from UK (a friend is on scholarship there), Turkey, Switzerland, US, Australia, Fiji, MOngolia (!), Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Japan and a couple more.

A friend (the one who's on scholarship) regularly sends postcards to me and considers them some sort of a journal. She's addicted to writing them, she wrote recently.

A couple of friends went to nepal last week. I'm excited to receive the postcard they sent, never mind if they're already here and have exhausted all their Nepal/Bangkok stories. Anticipating its arrival is still fun.

I met a guy once during a workshop and he's from Micronesia. I was tempted to ask him to send a postcard from Pohnpei but stopped myself. he was quite standoffish and my sheepishness got the better of me. sayang the opportunity. I can't imagine any of my friends going to any of the counries in Micronesia any time soon.


Blogger starshuffler said...

Hi Ernest!

I love postcards! I wish I can force my travelling friends to send me those things, too...

Pero actually, mas naaalala ko 'yung librong matagal ko nang binili sa 'yo pag nakikita ko blog mo. Hehehe...

(Ay, I finished the other design! Naiwan ko sa computer ko...)


11:48 PM  

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