8 days

Ay, so here i go again. staring blankly at the monitor. ba't ba ganito? When i'm walking down the streets or doing some errands, i get ideas na feeling ko would be great for my blog. And then when i do sit down to blog, i have zilch. ah well...

Will just list down some of the stuff i accomplished the past few days.

1. band finalists coordinator for the just concluded Red Horse Muziklaban Band competition - tiring but fun. I headed a team (nax team leader harhar) that coordinated the schedule of the 8 national finalists which included: press con, preliminary judging, band showcase in 70s Bistro na naging fellowship night (walang masyadong tao, kami-kami lang hehehe), rehearsals, radio guestings at syempre yung grand finals night. Hectic is an understatement. Most fulfilling duty: laminating the production IDs.

2. Submitted my resume - wag ko na lang sabihin kung saan. Suffice it to say that amidst the chaos that was the Muziklaban i managed to fix my resume and come up with a fairly decent cover letter. Buddy submitted my resume. The office is in Makati and I was in QC for the Red Horse thing.

3. Press Rounds for our client - It was a very busy week indeed. Had to schedule some time off from band duties to do the press rounds (this means going to all the publications' offices to drop off press releases - that's 8-9 different offices all over Manila, Makati and QC). Kapuy gyud.

4. Write and edit article for Isis' magazine Women In Action - September 20 was my original deadline. Good thing that Irene, the magazine coordinator, kindly agreed to my request for an extension.

Yun lang naman. And i did all these in a span of 8 days. Whirlwind. And on top of it all, I had to be extra vigilant about my blood pressure. I'm learning the art of finding small pockets of time/space for de-stressing within fast-paced environments. Sometimes, just 2 minutes of deep breathing is enough to ease the tension.

Downside to this really jampacked week is that I wasn't able to spend much time with my daughter. There were nights when she had a hard time going to sleep, crying and looking for her Mama. You should've seen here eyes the morning after. I just tried to make up for my absence by calling as much as possible.

Now, things are a bit back to normal. it's still very busy (writing assignments one after the other) but at least no more late nights. So i get to snuggle with my moonchild before she goes to sleep.


Blogger haiku said...

Wow, Ms. Busybody! :) Glad to know you enjoy what you're doing. I should get my lazy ass out of the house and pay you a visit one of these days. Or maybe have coffee or tea with you. :) Miss you! *hug*

5:39 PM  

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