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Wrote this poem a couple of years ago, around 1997 or 98, i'm not too sure. It's so amateurish hehehe and no I'm not fishing for compliments. But I'll post it anyway.

It sometimes amazes me
how people around me
can see the mystic in the simplest of things.

i have a hard time seeing
the intricate details a slowly burning candle
creates with its melting wax.

it takes awhile to fully sink in,
(squinting, full stop, take a deep breath)
before i can see the majestic peaks
and formations from the unwanteds
of a raging mountain.

but oh how i adore these friends who can
these kindred souls who make me see
who help me
who show me the wonder
of this sometimes dull and
uncompromising existence.

and especially one who inexhaustibly
keeps reminding me
of the beauty which i often deny
and take for granted.



Blogger haiku said...

If your poem's amateurish, what would you call my earlier work? Nursery rhymes? Hehe, even nursery rhymes have more character. :p I especially like the last verse. How it rings true! Friends do remind us of the beauty which we often deny and take for granted. :) It was nice seeing you again. Too bad I had to go home in a rush. :(

2:35 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

thanks for the kind words. Miss na rin kita. Funny that we see more of each other online (via our blogs) than offline. but such is the world we live in hehehe i'm just glad there are a myriad ways of being in touch. talk to you soon!!

12:52 AM  

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