blogging as therapy

Four years ago, during one of the lowest ebbs of my life, a friend encouraged me to keep a journal. As a way to keep my sanity, she asked me to just write a couple of random thoughts as soon as i wake up. Writing things down, she said is a good way to sort the things that tend to take up space and therefore clutter our minds and hearts. But i never did. Writing down my thoughts has never figured much in my life. I don't know why. (Maybe it's because i'm such a non-stop talker and talking is my medium. Hahahaha That sounds funny.)

But then, I started blogging. After a few bumps (and 3 other blogs-that-went-nowhere), I'm officially on a roll.

Now I find that writing on this blog (whether anyone reads it or not, someone leaves a comment or not) has become some sort of a sanctuary for me. Well, sanctuary is too deep a word but you get my drift.It's like a repository for some of the baggages i lug around with me. Some kind of a courtesy baggage area where i can momentarily (and hopefully permanently) leave my burdens before setting out to change the world or do my errands, whichever is more urgent.

Blogging as therapy, who would've thought?


Blogger indi said...

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Blogger indi said...

carry on, earns! miss ka na namin sa opis. - inds

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