Burger Man

Been playing with this pac-man like game, "Burger Man," that i donwloaded from the Super Size Me website. It features Morgan Spurlock (director/lead) gobbling up big Macs while dodging 4 obese evil ronalds. His power pellets come in the form of vegetables. It's fun and at the same time it subtly delivers an indictment against fast food. I don't know if it's just me, but the burgerman seems slower while he's gobbling up big macs as opposed to its relative speed when it just ate a vegetable. Talk about investing too much on the game hahaha

click to play

you can also play it online and have the chance to see your name on the leader board.

And while we're on the subject, I encourage evryone to go watch the movie (pirated DVD or not). It would definitely give you a different perspective on fast food and it's marketing tactics. It's quite shocking to realize that those playplaces and happy meal toys aren't as benign as they appear to be. It's a subtle yet very effective way of ensuring kids to value the brand name as they get older since they associate it with the warm fuzzy happy memories of their childhood. Conspiracy theory? I don't think so. It makes perfect sense. And I'm not sourgrapring either just because my doctors have prohibited me from eating fast foods because of my hypertension (hehehe). Although the movie does make me feel better for not being able to indulge as i used to.


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