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Been reading the papers regularly for over a month now. (As part of my PR job, i monitor whether the releases we distributed are being picked up by the editors.) It's all bad news, I tell you: graft and corruption at (seemingly) all levels of government, brain drain (in the form of nurses and doctors slash nurses leaving for work abroad), food coupons for the hungry, people dying because they eat garbage, etc... Hay, it's so tiring.


On a positive note, at least personally, our whole family went to Enchanted Kingdom last Saturday. Cambio was one of the featured bands at the 5th Party Monsters on the Loose, NU 107's annual Halloween concert. We had a blast especially the little one. Didn't get to ride on any of the adult rides, just accompanied her on all the kiddie rides: eggshell ride, dino ride, air pterodactyl ride (some-kinda-plane-ride, one child to a plane. we were holding our breaths the whole time she was in it and she had to do it twice!), the requisite carousel ride, air balloon and the exciting boat paddle. She had loads of fun and I forgot my Cambio merchandise-selling duties because of her. Later at the GMA Textube gig in Eastwood,Libis, Raimund chided my absence at the EK backstage after their set. Turns out many people were looking for cambio shirts and pins. Opps. Sorry. Will make up for it at the next gigs.


Just had to answer this quiz. Converse shoes are so cool. Anti-globalization advocates beware. Nike has bought the shoe company in mid 2003.

What CONVERSE SNEAKER Should You Wear? (with pics!) by cactus_cult
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